As seen on Fox News' Bob Massi's the property man

Season 1, Episode 4
Bob Massi’s The Property Man

Staging a home for sale; a discussion of credit, lending and debt, including how to handle debt collectors; and Veer Towers, which are residential condos on the Las Vegas strip.

"Vacation house for free" & "Bet the house"<

Season 2, Episode 5
Las Vegas Vacation

Matt Blashaw is on the hunt for a vacation home in sunny Las Vegas for college sweethearts Shannyn and Blaine and their three energetic kids. Despite its rowdy reputation, Las Vegas has become a family and kid-friendly destination. This couple is craving some vitamin D and quality time together away from their hectic lives and Matt knows just how to find them the perfect home and turn their dreams into a reality!

Season 1, Episode 1
The Pink Candy Cane House Flip

When a house in an up-and-coming Las Vegas neighborhood goes up for auction, the Galindo’s jump at the opportunity and buy the home sight unseen. But upon entry, they quickly realize this 1960’s time capsule has been untouched for 15 years, and it will take more than just cosmetic updates to entice buyers. They'll have to go all-in if they want to transform this time capsule into a modern dream home.