Who We Are

Intuitive Solutions Home Staging is an HSR Certified Professional Home Staging company. We are working with homeowners and realtors in Las Vegas to help find the hidden potential in every home.  Each person who views a home is a potential buyer and first impressions are critical. Our expertise will transform your home to make certain that prospective buyers will see it as not simply one of the many potential houses they have looked at, but as the “Home” they can envision as their own.

Our Services

Intuitive Solutions Home Staging presents homes to potential buyers in the best possible light by using a proven 8-step formula to market your home. We use our expertise in real estate and home decorating trends to highlight the positive aspects of your home and detract from the negative. We work to ensure that the home selling process is faster, more profitable and less stressful for you as a home seller. At Intuitive Solutions Home Staging, our experience, talent and enthusiasm make us stand out as the premier home staging company in Las Vegas.

Smartly, honestly and effectively .

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